Our Services

Business Succession Planning

A lifetime of work goes into the development of a successful business, often making it a client’s most valuable asset. A properly drafted business succession plan should be in place to protect that asset and ensure its viability and value long into the future. Master's Financial offers innovative strategies for the continuation of the business to address the needs of each of the owners and/or family members.

Estate and Legacy Planning

A well-engineered estate plan can minimize tax liability and ensure that loved ones are protected. Master's Financial works with our clients and their professional advisors to analyze their current financial status and assess the potential impact of federal and state taxes on a client’s estate.

Using this baseline, we develop and implement strategies that will meet planning objectives in coordination with personal philosophies and family needs.

Exit Planning

Every business owner will someday leave his or her business. The design of a customized exit plan, whether transferring ownership to outsiders or insiders (co-owners, employees, family), requires a thorough analysis of the owner’s objectives and available resources in order to maximize the value received from the transfer and minimize the tax impact. We strategize with our clients to develop a road map that will advance them toward their objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

Executive Benefits

Most successful businesses employ talented executives whose contributions to the bottom line are critical. It is essential to attract and retain high-caliber team members to ensure the ongoing continuity of the business. Master's Financial can suggest a variety of customized executive benefit strategies to effectively retain key employees, as well as attract new ones.


Master's Financial helps our clients evaluate the benefits of a charitable giving plan designed to meet personal goals and achieve philanthropic objectives. Whether through lifetime giving or as a component of a client’s overall estate plan, our process allows our clients to identify charitable interests,evaluate their capacity for charitable contributions in accordance with other family and business planning objectives, and implement an appropriate plan to achieve those objectives.